Super Kid Sais

May 28, 2009

Super Kid Sais on

Super Kid Sais is the name, which I use as music composer. I wanted to have a catchy name  as a musician; and I like super hero stuffs, as well as kid stuffs, so chose Super Kid Sais. Also, it’s SKS, standing for Super Kid Sais as well as my official full name Shishir Kumar Singh.

Music is my real passion and I see music as my 1st choice for professional career. New Age, Western Classical, Smooth Jazz, Lounge and Soft Pop are in my good list. I like music of all type though, depending on the individual track, but Rock, Hip Hop, Metal are in my bad list.

As a composer I want to make music of  every genre. And some of self made genres too.

Yanni, A R Rahman, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Lucky Ali etc are my most favourites in music. And many New Age, Smooth Jazz, Lounge musicians whom I listen on also.

If  you have any spare time, please have a try on my music tracks:

I’m still waiting to getting a good chance to join music school in Europe or Americas. And to lost totally in world of music. :)