Murder of Cricket

March 1, 2008

Harbhajan Singh - Mathew hayden

Harbhajan Singh - Mathew Hayden

This is a busy time for me in view of cricket, as I am a big cricket fan.

Indian team did well in test series against Australian Team. (However, we lost, mostly because of the “great” efforts of umpires)

I’m not hurt to see Indian team defeated because of wrong decisions of umpires.
But I’m hurt to see the murder of Cricket.

Cricket is considered as a gentlemen game. But the recent clashes between Indian and Australian players can’t be called gentle, at least.

Sledging has been a weapon for Australian team for a long time. They have used it very cleverly; and probably it has been playing good role in making them World Champion. Braking the concentration of a batsman by throwing abusive words is their old trick.

Yuvraj Singh - Andrew Symonds

Yuvraj Singh - Andrew Symonds

All teams have been suffering but no one attacks back. But after getting a young captain MS Dhoni, it was time to put some change in instance of Indian team.
After all, today, cricket is heading towards more and more money and most of money in Cricket comes from India. So, a aggressive Team India appeared in the latest tour to Australia. This lead a real horrible clash between the two sides. Australians got mad when they get challenged. (In aggression as well as in game play). It was the Indian team, who defeated World Champion Australia in Twenty20 world cup.

This tour leaps into the list of most controversial tours in cricketing history. A lot of sledging and abusing.

Australians are world champion undoubtedly. They are winner but they are murderer of cricketing spirit. It’s too sad that a senior cricketer like Mathew Hayden calls a new comer like Ishant Sharma (age: 19) into ring to have a “fight”. And also, Hayden had described Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh as an “obnoxious little weed” in a radio interview.

Michale Clarke - Chris Gayle

Michale Clarke - Chris Gayle

Here, Indian viewer were found to making “racial” comment on Andrew Symonds.
I wonder that how that can be called a “racial” comment. They turned a less serious thing into a big issue by giving it a racial touch. It’s other thing that Australian viewer are very (un)famous for making racial comments on players of other teams.

It should be watched out that Andrew Symonds is the second most costly player in India Premiere League bids. Means, he is famous in India. Most of Indian show affection in him; denying the racial comment charges.

Australian team has nice person like Adam Gilchrist, but whole team need to learn some cricketing manner. Ricky Ponting, the captain, especially needs some tips for better behavior in the field and off the field. They are making themselves unpopular in world cricket. And, more than this, they are drawing a bad image of Australian people on others’ minds.

We love cricket. It’s more than just a sport and game play for us. Please don’t kill it.