What is God?

October 5, 2011

Being from a religious and spiritual place like Banaras, I get to talk about religion often. Banaras holds very very importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. I am from a Hindu family, but I’m not religious at all. And I don’t call myself Hindu, as I don’t follow any religion.

Since, I don’t follow any religion, I am asked what do I think about spirituality and existence of God etc. I have some view about existence of God, which I would be like to write here.


Universe is made of several elements (From elements, I mean things, not elements which know from Chemistry) like stone, air, animals, plants, planets, fire etc etc. From view of Godly eyes, a piece of stone is as much important as a plant, and both are as important as a human. But most of religious people would imagine God being in a human form. Since we are human, we see God as human. If elephants have a conception of God, then probably their God is an Elephant; and for trees, it would be a tree. If the piece of stone could think about God, then it’s God would be Himalaya possibly.

Common conception is that you can please God by praying him/her. Some people also believe that God would be unhappy if they worship properly. If someone gets happy with worships (and becomes unhappy if not worshipped properly), then I would say, it’s very human-like behaviour. It is not a ‘God-like’ behaviour at all.

Universal Nature is the God

People say, this universe is so huge and there must be a power who would manage all this. Of course they mean God. I do believe there is such power, which really is. I call it ‘Nature (in universal sense, not only the Earth)’ and the universe is governed by ‘the Rules of Nature’. So, I say, Nature is the God. It’s the power which governs the universe, and is not in form of a man/woman, nor elephant, nor tree, nor stone. It does not have a physical existence. It is just the rules, laws and principals, which applies on every object in this universe.

To understand it, first of all you need to give up the idea that humans are the centre of the universe. Or even the idea that living things are the most important elements of universe. The universe is just too large to think ourselves it centre. Even our great Sun is very tiny in front of the real giant stars.

Being physically un-existing, it treats every object in the universe equally. For it, a piece of stone holds equal importance as you do. So if you pray and worship, it’s not going to do any special favour for you. And the piece of stone that is not able to offer any (apparently) is not going to be left behind in getting free favours just because it’s not able to offer any worship.