US Soft Corner

June 5, 2009

US loves Pakistan

A normal Indian sees USA as an unfavourable nation, for certain reasons. These certain reasons involve soft corner of USA for Pakistan. Pakistan has been being funded by the US for its defense means. And Pakistan uses that fund mostly against India in direct wars or in raising terrorism. US knows it very well, but continues on the job.

No one know what’s reason behind this soft corner of US for Pakistan, while US is in threat itself because of the terrorism. Taliban is the name which keeps Washington always in worries. Taliban, which was once helped by US against Soviet Union (Current Taliban is just a new form of them, whom US helped at that time). And Pakistan is found involved in helping Taliban on some extents too.

The reason behind the soft corner may be the old friendship of India with USSR. USSR was a firm friend of India and now Russia is. From Kashmir issue to Funding Pakistani defense (to be more precise, offense) means, US is always anti-India. But USSR and Russia have always been standing with India, there have to be a natural affection. US might have thought about balancing  India with Pakistan, thinking India to be in the side of USSR. However, US failed to figure out that India, still was just friend of USSR; not a member in Warsaw Pact or any other group and always stayed neutral.

Whatever the reason is, but it can be said a big diplomatic fault of US. For US, it was a lot better to support India and it could do better for China as well as Islamic terrorism. Then perhaps Islamic terrorism wasn’t going to be so strong ever.

There could be more worries for US because of the soft corner. Russia, years back, wanted a group of Russia, India and China. of course, this was going to be difficult for US. India and China didn’t show interest in that possibly because of the bad relation between the two nations. But who knows about the future. Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Infamous US president George W Bush, during his last time of being in the White House, started a new era of Indo-US friendship though; by a peaceful nuclear deal between the two nations, with The Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006, also known as the Hyde Act. This was a good effort to let both nations closer. Now Indians were able to see some traces of friend in US.

This little favour of US for India might be the result of Russia’s effort for the group of India, Russia and China, but it was good in favour of US too. China seems to be good with Russia and India has been always with Russia. So US need to keep India neutral. Otherwise it may be a threat for world peace.

Before elections, US president Barack Obama had stated that he won’t hesitate to attack Pakistan if needed. Well, it was better if US really does so, otherwise Islamic terrorism isn’t going to have an end. Most essetial thing is getting nuclear weapons of Pakistan secured (it means it shouldn’t be in hands of Pakistan). Sooner or later US is going to be in Islamabad. And that will be biggest favour for a peaceful Pakistan and this time India will welcome this one.


3 Responses to “US Soft Corner”

  1. Reff Says:

    wow!! i didn’t even know that my government favored a country like pakistan. thats horrible to know. dual behavior …. its shame :(

  2. tiwari Says:

    heres d American policy :
    there r no Permanent Friends -But Permanent Interests! :X

  3. Mel Says:

    Yeah. this is really dual behavior. Infact US had not any concerns for terrorism till twin towers were down. and still US cares about saving US itself only.
    conditions are real bad in pakistan. now pakistanis would welcome anyone to rescue their country from those religious fanatics i think.

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