Lion King : Misconception?

May 30, 2009


Since I was little kid, I have been taught that lions are kings of the jungles. I always wondered why a cruel animal like lion is called king rather being called terrorist of the jungle. And, why the  strongest and noble animal like elephant is not called the king.

A king is supposed to care of his people, not to eat them. And lions do nothing but eating them. Usually no one cares of other animals in a animals environment, but in some environments, elephants do protect other smaller animals from animals like lions, tigers etc. It’s other thing that elephants just try to keep their group safe. But indirectly the protect all other smaller animals in the region. And of course, elephants do not harm other peaceful animals. While, lions always act as terrorists/mafias, who are always looking into killing of the few animals.  :)

In view of power and strength, elephants have no challenge from any other animal on the land; and a king is supposed to be most powerful. And elephants are most powerful; and not a single lion dares to have any trouble with an elephant.  If some one dares, which is very rare, gets himself beyond the life.

The point is, why do we tell our kids that animals who kill others are the supreme animal of the jungle and they are kings. These little things may have very very little  impact on the kids, but any bad impact may affect the kids. A kid may get the idea that cruel and murderers are the supreme; mafias are so cool and king like etc etc. :)

Also, character of elephants may be having good effects. Strong but still noble and peaceful; sometimes, protective too. :)

Some people say, it natural that lions are in that way and they cannot help it. But the concept of lion king isn’t nature made, it is human made, so may be we can change it from Lion King to Elephant King. :D


14 Responses to “Lion King : Misconception?”

  1. Shreyas Says:

    Nice concept. you should tell your kids that elephant is the king of the jungle :D

  2. Swapnil Says:

    You Had Some Very Cool Thoughts About Lion king Family :D

  3. Marta Says:

    I totally agree with you :)

  4. Ros Says:

    Hi Sais,

    I’m Ros, a librarian from National Library Board, Singapore and I happen to stumble upon your blog.

    Interesting thoughts you have there, very symbolic =)

    Anyway, if you want to find out more about the significance of “king of the jungle”, perhaps you’d like to check out our ASK! blog.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Matt Says:

    female elephants live in herds, and protect other animals, but male elephants generally live alone and only worry about themselves.

    lions do hunt lone elephants at night because elephants have bad eyesight. of course, a lone lion can’t bring down an elephant.

    lions are the dominant carnivore in africa, and even tho male lions rarely hunt, they protect their babies from hyenas, jackals ect. while the females hunt.

    and lions only kill to eat. if there were no carnivores, weak animals would grow too large in number, and there wouldn’t be enough food for all.

    the lion eats meat and kills animals to survive and make sure that there is enough food for all, not cuz they are terrorists or mafia. they don’t kill for pleasure.

    • Sais Says:

      I agree. :)

      I have seen a number of programs on Discover and Nat Geo, showing elephant groups including male elephants protecting their group as well as groups neighboring smaller animals.

      The concept of the “Lion King” is human made. Usually targeting the children. I don’t see any point in telling kids that these killer animals are KINGS. he he, keeping the fact apart that they need to kill to live (Mafias kill other to live too). :P

      Also, a KING should be one who doesn’t scares “citizens” of his “kingdom”, which doesn’t happen in case of lions at all, apparently.


  6. Nikhil Says:

    Well to get higher position, one has to be cruel and aatankwadi it seems :P check all successful management is cruel. our civilised society is also not less than jungle, people with good heart always struggles :D

  7. Haroon R Says:

    nice concept…!

  8. Paige Holman Says:

    If I had a quarter for each time I came to! Amazing writing.

  9. i would say that Lion King is one of the best animated films that i have ever watched `;;

  10. Syed Says:

    What about you eating goat , cow, chicken and even sea food everyday? does that take away the title of being homosapiens and the most intellectual creature on planet? merely lions are king because of the way they live, their dominance and authority over all animals. Their protectiveness of their territory and other charecteristics. They are animals and they have to eat its part of their survival. Eating other animals dont make you a mean animal does it?
    just a thought :)

    • Sais Says:

      Humans have been terrorising the life on planet Earth already. So if we be honest, we must admit being terrorist creatures on our planet already. ;)

      Lions cannot change the rules of nature. But they are kings of jungle, this concept is man made. So I am proposing that may be declaring elephants king of jungle would be more helpful, for elephants have a decent personality. :D

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